Where We Are

Romantic Vatican Rome Guesthouse is in the heart of the Prati District, an area of Rome which is elegant and quiet and where one can stroll in complete safety, even late at night. The area is also served by stores of every type and is close to the places of most interest in the city. Our Guesthouse offers you all of the comforts necessary for a carefree Roman holiday. The Metro A stop named Ottaviano is just 200 meters from our structure and you will find stops for the taxis and buses just 50 meters away from our structure. Our building is located just a short stroll away from Via Cola di Rienzo which is a famous street for shopping and ends at Piazza del Popolo, a point of departure for a walk down Via del Corso in the Historic Center. In the neighborhood of the Guesthouse, there are many attractions: theatre performances, musicals and shows at the Palatenda in Piazzale Clodio, summer cultural performances which take place at Castel S. Angelo, some famous locals performing live music such as the Fonclea in Via Crescenzio and Alexander Platz on the street Via Ostia. In the Prati district, there are stores and services of every type: pharmacies, banks, post offices, parking garages for a fee, internet service, call centers, travel agencies, boutiques, two local markets, laundry services, auto rental agencies, a thai massage center called Baan Thai, as well as many others. The possibilities for refreshment are infinite: supermarkets, bars, pubs, ethnic stores with Polish, Indian, Arabic and Chinese specialty food items which are open until late evening; restaurants and pizzerias among which we point out the Roman restaurant Antico Falcone in a little palace characteristic of the 15th century, the Bar Sotto Il Mare which is famous for its raw fish, the specialties of the Girarrosto Toscano, the pizzas of the Isola della Pizza and of the mythical Giacomelli, the famous Japanese restaurant Zen Sushi, the Indian restaurant Shaanti, and the Chinese restaurant Ni Hao. At a short distance from our structure, there is a Drugstore open 24 hours per day everyday at Piazzale Clodio. You can also delight yourself with the Sicilian arancini of Mondo Arancina or with the specialty food items of Franchi and Castroni. Finally, if your passion is gelato, the gelato shop Old Bridge is located next to the entrance of our structure. The Guesthouse is close to the major hospitals of the area: the pediatric hospital Bambino Gesù, the hospital Santo Spirito and the hospital San Carlo di Nancy.
Within our webpage “Roman Holiday”, you can find interesting links to the history of the Prati District with an array of paintings and photographic images that show how the area of the “Prati di Castello” must have looked prior to the construction of the district itself.

The Guesthouse is authorized by the A.P.T. of Rome (Promotional Tourist Agency of Rome and of the Region of Lazio) and abides by all of the hygienic standards and measures according to the law of the Region of Lazio which regulates guest accommodations.

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